Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Early Game Fizz

To kick off this gaming blog I figure a small blurb for League of Legends is in order.

Fizz. That annoying little sea creature dodging all your spells with that playful/trickster. Now I play Fizz on a regular basis and I have noticed a few things.

Fizz's early game is atrocious. He has no laning presence. He is squishy, his dash gets him into the wrong position all the time, and the playful/trickster is much too mana costly to be spamming. This is a problem I feel being not addressed by Riot. In all honesty I think they fear a fizz buff. A lot of my friends consider him over-powered. And in a way he is. His late game can spiral out of control very quickly. The biggest thing with fizz is getting in his face, he has a lot of agility so this is not an easy task. I think keeping him locked down with a lot of Crowd Control effects while his playful/trickster is on cooldown is key. If fizz starts getting focused a quick playful/trickster can give him enough distance to be ignored, but he never stops there. Coming back into the fight unnoticed is a strong asset of his. And he will do it on a constant basis.

So in all honesty they need to tone down his late game a tad and give him a little more early game sustainability. Whether it be more mana regen or something of the sort.

And on the playful/trickster bit it seems a little ridiculous. Nocturne has a similar skill and so does Sivir. Come on, it's not like nothing we haven't seen before.

Ramble complete.

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