Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Games Overload

Sorry about the inactivity, been contemplating a lot of new posts. Also the mundane assignments I have been getting for my writing class recently has been dimming my blogging spirit. I'll keep on trucking though!

So, today I think a small ramble is due. This mostly relating to the absurd amount of steam games I have floating around my library. Now take a deep breath, I know this will be hard. 95... dun dun dun. I really don't know if that is a ridiculous amount but for me that is. 

Now at this point I feel sort of mixed about these games. On the plus side if online gaming ever dies I will have a whole whack load of untouched games to play. On the other end I just find it hard to believe I have actually purchased around 95 games, plus the 30 something for my PS3 and a couple new releases I have grabbed for my Xbox 360.

Now this ultimately brings me to my small ramble topic. Why so many games? Do we really need that many. In my opinion I don't think so. My problem is I get bored of games really quickly and the only games that have actually kept me going have been massive games. Games like Runescape, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars. And now my latest fixation League of Legends. I love games with a lot to them, layers of content for me to sift through. And recently the splurge of FPS shooters has really deterred me from console play. I used to play my Playstation 3 constantly and now my computer is getting all the love. 

So just ponder that for a moment, the sheer amount of games you and others have purchased. It is mind-blowing really. Or should I say game-breaking. Nope, terrible pun and doesn't even make sense. Damn!

Ramble complete.

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