Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Guild Wars 2 February

It's party time all you Guild Wars 2 fans! February has finally crept up on us, and you know what that means. Beta! But of course, select press only. Let's run over one thing that's whizzing around my chaotic brain mass shall we?

So since none of us have any exact ideas of what select Press will be invited into the beta let's focus on the other things. Once whatever press gets in, will we be hearing about it? My guess, no. I think that ArenaNet will keep things under wraps with a strict NDA. But I could be wrong and I truly hope I will be. The amount of content coming through conventions has been unfulfilled in my opinion. You just cannot get a really deep and honest feeling for the game in a short period of time. I'm hoping once people start getting into beta that the longer beta weekends will allow more in-depth coverage of the game.

I know a weekend alone with Guild Wars 2 would be the most unproductive weekend of my life. I would know the true meaning of being a hermit locked away in my basement spending countless glorious hours exploring the wonderful land masses of Tyria. I can see it now. But unfortunately not play it.


Ramble Complete.

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