Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Life is Crazy


I haven't posted in ages :(

I'm hoping that soon I will be participating in some sort of beta event, either through pre-purchasing (CE woop woop!) or a beta event I'm actually invited to. I will be taking up a lot more blogging then as I will be able to actually delve into the game. There has been a gigantic flood of information recently due to the last event, so there's a lot of new videos surfacing and information. I will be trying to gather some of this and write some stuff up. My life has just been dumped on me and I've been fighting hard to keep it at bay, and gaming has been lost in the shuffle. I'm working on it though!

Also it's such an amazing feeling knowing that in less than two weeks I'll be pre-purchasing Guild Wars 2! Five years have come down to this!

I'll be ready, will you?

Ramble complete.

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