Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Time is of the Utmost Importance!

Well. It's been a while, far too long.

I wish I had a nice excuse, like my computer restricted my access to Blogger for a few months or I went backpacking around Europe, but nope.

Life is my excuse, but in a way the reason. It's decided to poignantly rear it's ugly head and throw me down every chance I get to stand. I haven't gamed in months (excluding the Guild Wars 2 BWE of course!) and it feels strange. I think at some point when I get more time, I'll slowly wade back into the familiar waters. Soon I hope. Guild Wars 2 should help that process come about as well.

I've got a fairly long Guild Wars 2 impressions/experiences sort of post in the works. I'm not sure when it will be finished, but I had a blast with Guild Wars 2 and I feel I owe it to ArenaNet to get it on paper. In all honesty, probably the most enjoyable gaming experience of my life. I think just the five year anticipation prepared me for it, and I knew so much about the game. But in reality, logging in I knew not much. I had the concrete foundation and slowly built my way upwards. Me and a friend played together the whole weekend, and I'm proud to say the 36 hours I somehow managed to delve into the game were glorious. Killing Krait in the waters of Kessex Hills to frantically running with my tail between my legs from a horde of Green invaders, I truly couldn't have asked for more.

ArenaNet has done so many things right with Guild Wars 2. They truly understand the player-base, and the collective mindset shift that's occurring. They are willing to take risks and dive headfirst without pause. I have to applaud them for that, because it works and it works well. They've destroyed the inconvenient conventional methods and have revolutionized the MMORPG environment.

The world's a living breathing organism, and you are thrust into it with haste. A hero, a warrior, an elementalist, etc. It's your decision, and they've given us so many. Choice is a big exemplified positive aspect of the game, and ArenaNet has simply given you the putty you can mold freely. Each character can be created unique, and the dying system is a fairly simple but extraordinary feature. I'm not ashamed to admit most of my Gems went towards dye packs, and the fabulous colors contained within. I think I had like over 10 different shades of purple and pink by the dying hours Sunday night, monumentally extravagant.

The unrelenting explorer in me broke free over the weekend. I went wherever I thought looked interesting, skipping off merrily in all and every direction. Even after the 36 hours, with 100% in Queensdale and 70% in Kessex Hills, I hadn't seen a lot. I barely even skimmed the surface of the game, at level 23. And I only played the majority of one of the five races. I can't even fathom how much content will be in the end-game, and for 60 dollars. I feel like it's some sort of scam and we are all being severely April Fools'd.

The game is astoundingly beautiful, and the attention to detail is mind-blowing. From each inscription on the tombstones outside Shaemoor to the dandelions that drift carelessly through the air. ArenaNet, the glorious artists, developers and designers truly hand-crafted a beautiful world. I really connected deeply with world, and it felt so realistic. I feel like if anyone wanted to start Role Playing, this would be a mighty fine place to start.

I could probably go on for hours, so I'll wrap this post up now. Expect more soon, the crazy clockwork of my brain is still grinding about. I'll just keep cranking out words until the dictionary weeps in silence, for the terrible acts of violation I will soon commit.

Ramble complete!

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