Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sometimes I Hate the Internet...

We all have those moments, where something on the internet embarrasses us or something's shared that's not very "share-worthy."

Had one of those moments today...

So Soundcloud, for some unknown reason, will allow private links. Links that only I have the special URL for, to be liked on Facebook. First off, WHY? If this is my private link, someone likes it and it's on the front page of their Facebook timeline, the amount of sense that makes is non-existent.

So for me, embarrassment ensued. I send a sort of comical, terribly personal message to a friend through Facebook. That person, being the person who will just smash every like button they see, does that with my link. So now this private link was sitting on her Facebook wall for a few hours. Panic mode, delete the link but the damage is already done. 4 People have seen the sound clip now... the one being her. So now, of her 633 friends, three people probably think I'm borderline insane/weird/creepy or even worse sensitive! Of all good things holy, as a man I feel as though my balls have been abruptly ripped from their rightful place.

Now three people, who I will probably never find out, have listened to something personal of mine. I blame love as well, it drives people to do stupid things. As much as I enjoy the constant flow of information and advancement in technology, privacy is dead. Killed by the internet's cold malignant presence.

Sometimes I hate the internet... SOUNDCLOUD Y U NO MAKE PRIVATE LINKS PRIVATE?!?

Ramble complete.

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